Workshops and Courses

The ‘Dados Negros’ Holography and Arts Centre will arrange activities aimed at students of all ages and levels with the goal of familiarising them with different trends in contemporary art and fostering analysis and thought as well as evaluation skills.

For this purpose, it will offer workshops for different levels, from primary school to higher education.

The Centre will also develop programmes specifically for education centres with the purpose of providing students with the tools they need to understand current art and, by extension, today’s world.

Holography laboratory

At the laboratory, students will become familiar with experimental holographic techniques, explore the physical phenomena underlying the origin of holograms, and develop configurations to create their own images.

We are convinced that these courses are of great interest for a wide variety of students with different educational backgrounds and different interests.

Children’s workshops

The Foundation offers families the possibility of introducing their 6-12 year old children to the field of contemporary creation in such a way that the Centre can become an everyday space for them.

These workshops, designed for developing creativity, will give children the opportunity to play, learn, communicate and experiment with languages, different mediums, techniques and concepts used in contemporary art.

Workshops given by artists

The Centre offers students of Compulsory and Secondary Education, Tertiary Education and Fine Arts, as well as artists and interested individuals, the possibility of taking part in workshops given by artists. Participants will enjoy the opportunity of getting involved in different creative processes along with the artists themselves through installations, video art, photography, painting, visual poetry, experimental music, performances…

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