The man with a briefcase

The man with a briefcase

Holograms, iron and glass, 2005
200 x 100 cm

The Man with a Briefcase is this man who is nobody, somebody, anybody –either within or without the reality of the “model of the world” which surrounds us. It can be said that the ways in which we perceive the world influence “reality”– that reality with a memory in which images swirl: what we see, what we might see, what we did not see.

The Man with a Briefcase is this person, this man from whom results are demanded, a man overwhelmed by competitiveness, success, credit cards, decisions, fear… At the same time he is an “atemporal” man, straddling loneliness and his need for constant communication. He uses his appearance as a strategy. And even so, he is admired.

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