An instant frozen in time

Installation, Drum, 1999


[blockquote align=»left»]History goes on stopping time, enclosing it, condemning it, condemning it. That is why I will not die, I cannot die, until […] history disappears and lets us get on with our lives” —María Zambrano[/blockquote]

“In February 1999 Pepe Buitrago worked on a tank that had been left in the Cellar II of the gallery. After wiping out with sawdust all diesel-oil remains, he opened its ends to reveal a disquieting interior, where a circular screen projected continuous images. Ninety different slides belonging to the installation The tax on human progress or An instant frozen in time.” (Javier Alonso. Carmen de la Guerra Gallery. Madrid.)

To Find a space trapped in another space, in the ground floor of a building. A strange space where later the observer will find with what has been observed, with that moment frozen in time, with the weight of history that we carry as social beings. Perhaps with this flow of consciousness in constant deployment and retrieval of stored memory, as it is stored in the holograms that appear in the container.

The appearance of reality

Installation, Drum, 2000


“Buitrago ended the nineteen-nineties with opening the drum, and now he opens the second millennium closing it. His concern for this year, The appearance of reality, is on the outward side, on the surface of appearance… and the drum has turned into a compact being always reflecting the image of whoever watches it.” (Javier Alonso. Carmen de la Guerra Gallery. Madrid.)