Anyone is Anybody (She-He)

Installation, 2006
Holograms, iron and glass / 200 x 100 cm

«—Who’s there?
—It’s nobody, it’s me.
This very common sentence in our daily life has led me to prepare this work, due to its content and meaning within our culture. Inside it we hide –showing and hiding the image we have of ourselves, our uncertain knowledge, our doubts, our dependence on appearances– lost between reality and its reflection.» (Pepe Buitrago).

[blockquote align=»left»]Not only do we conceal ourselves into nobodies, turning transparent and ghostly — we also conceal the existence of our fellow beings […]; we turn them into nobodies. Turning into nobodies is an operation consisting of turning somebody into nobody […].[…] Nobody […] is the man whom we always forget for a weird fatality […]. It is an omission. And nonetheless, nobody is always present […]. That is why anyone who turns somebody into nobody is also turning into nobody himself — he is somebody’s omission. And if we all are nobody, none of us exist. The circle closes and nobody’s shadow expands […] and covers it all. […] A silence prior to History prevails again.”
—Octavio Paz, The Labyrinth of Solitude[/blockquote]

A diptych conceived as sculptural nudes, statues modelled with holographic words, Adam and Eve expulsed from Eden, and tangled up, as Octavio Paz puts it in The Labyrinth of Solitude. The feeling of loneliness, the nostalgia of a body from which we were uprooted, is nostalgia of space. We are a silhouette which shifts its entire volume through space, but we also are multiple, fragmented individuals. Only the whole reading of all fragments, containing in turn the characteristics of the whole figures, can provide with a meaning a silhouette which is anonymous, but in which we can recognise ourselves. (Carmen Dalmau. Fragment from MEIAC Catalogue “El discreto encanto de la tecnología”)