Installation, 1998
Wood, light boxes / Size variable

[blockquote]Thus, the feeling that we are alone has a double significance: on the one hand it is self-awareness, and on the other it is a longing to escape from ourselves.” —Octavio Paz[/blockquote]

The installation consists of eleven light boxes, each of which projects an image of an angle with the words:
I am not straight / nor acute / nor obtuse / I can be alternate interior / alternate exterior / perhaps corresponding / even complementary / or… / supplementary / but / I am not an angle

Each image projected is connected to the next, thus creating a visual metaphor of all that has been learned and experienced, established, of individuality…

Geometry is the expression of a dichotomy between self-perception and what other people perceive of us – a symbolic exercise where each individual projects their public image and hides their interior from view with the starkest opacity. Words draw angles that bring concepts together. And they are indirectly displayed thanks to the light.
(Javier Alonso. Sala do Veado Catalogue, Natural History Museum, Lisbon).

Geometry includes a bookshelf containing many volumes of the same book published by the Angra do Heroísmo Office – it is one but they are many. They are parts or fundamental blocks which inevitably become a single whole.