It’s not just a coincidence…

Installation, 1994
PVC tube, holograms and glass / 400 x 45 x 45 cm

pepe-buitrago-It's-not-just-a-coincidence-1998 We can contemplate the columns as supporting ‘culture and society’ and their demands on reality. One can be persuaded, or admire, and be impressed, by the magnificence, sumptuousness, lavishness… of columns. In that case, the resulting feeling is disorientation.

On the other hand, we can regard the column as a meeting point, a crossroads, a forum, a place of passage, of rest, of interior energy, of dialogue… The fragile columns between which diverse cultures and lifestyles intersect. A multidimensional place between the real and the unreal — the interior of the column as an endless memory that places you into the past or between the past and the future, between the analytical and the critical dialogue. (Written for the Columns project, 1995)