Mirror of a world with no escape

Ladder with holograms, 2001
250 x 50 cm

[blockquote align=»left»]Between being born and dying our life passes […] Could it be that being born is to die, and to die is being born? Nothing do we know”. —Octavio Paz [/blockquote]

Between going up and going down, ‘between being born and dying our life passes’. The fear of memory, the nostalgia of memory reveals itself as the origin of our loneliness, that loneliness springing from the dialogue between the world and man who, not daring to be himself, escapes from ‘reality’ subjecting it to all possible deformations. And such a deformed and manipulated reality escapes from his hands.

“In one of his most disquieting works, Mirror of a world with no escape (2002, wooden ladder and 8 holograms, 100 x 20 inch), Buitrago has used a wooden ladder to include in each void a hologram where we happen to see a solitary man on a ladder similar to the real one, but on a different scale, and forever uncompleted. The indefinable scenario and the imperious contour of the human figure and ladder (holography shows only outlined shapes and silhouettes, unable to detail texture, colour, etc.) hide the direction of his movement from view. Whether in his ascent or descent, he is alone, and we know not what awaits him or what he is escaping from – maybe in vain, to go by the work’s title.” (Julio César Abad Vidal. Alcorcón Art Center Catalogue)