Similar differences and different similarities

Installation, 2004

At the beginning of June, I was invited by Amelia Moreno and David Cohn to ‘El Dorado’, on the 122 km of the Madrid-Albacete motorway (Quintanar de la Orden) along with other artists from different fields to work there.

El Dorado is an industrial plant, an old winery with 24 large earthenware jars inside. I got close to them and felt a challenging sensation, a space within another space. Will the large earthenware jars be empty of full, full or empty? They are covered by circular rush mats, which convey the hustle and bustle of all the people who have left their own mark on them. They give off energy (I don’t know why, when looking at them, an image of Caravaggio’s light crossed my mind), and when I returned in August and lifted up those rush mats, the light and the shades appeared like in Plato’s cavern.

[blockquote align=»left»]Our daily experience of awareness is an immediate display of implied order, thoughts and perceptions emerging, creating actions and leaving their trail on the world, only to withdraw again in the awareness, and starting once more the same process in another context or shape, both individual and collectively. […] perceiving new differences and new similarities will lead us to new orders of structures, instead of tending always to impose orders and structures on the field of the already seen”. —D. Bohm[/blockquote]

24 large earthenware jars? 24 hours? How many years…? Distant memory and recent memory, 24 different similarities serving as containers in whose interior similar differences have dwelled and are dwelling, in an unlived time that brings about a lived time, a new time, when everything starts again in a revived way, that is to say, in a different way.

In the process of making this installation, when I saw the space elements, I decided to incorporate part of two installations made between 2001 and 2002 — Mirror of a world with no escape (ladder) and Nobody.