Installation, 1999
Holograms, photography, 11 welding screens and text / Size variable

[blockquote align=»left»]The dissembler pretends to be someone he is not. His role requires constant improvisation, a steady forward progress across shifting sands. Every moment he must remake, re-create, modify the personage he is playing, until at last the moment arrives when reality and appearance, the lie and the truth, are one”.
—Octavio Paz[/blockquote]

The work Simulation–dissimulation focuses on the idea of the mask as an artificial element – a wall, barrier or screen – of our own creation.

To mask / distort / transform / disguise / confuse / hide / mistake / cloak / conceal / simulate / emulate / feign / sham / seem / pretend / pretext / dissolve / disregard…
[blockquote align=»left»]The dissembler wants to be someone else, and for this reason he renounces himself. The dissembler hides, conceals himself, wants to pass unnoticed without renouncing his own individuality. Dissimulation may be a defence, a fear of appearances […] and thus, he becomes mere Appearance because of his fear of appearances”. —Octavio Paz[/blockquote]