Installation, 2004
Holograms, glass and painted wood / Variable sizes

[blockquote align=»left»]We are our memory, we are that chimeric museum of inconstant forms, that pile of broken mirrors.”
—Jorge Luis Borges[/blockquote]

In this work, a frieze of holograms with the topic of atlantes seems to go through different wood panels that form an impracticable cubicle, but whose interior can be observed through the holograms. The structure’s oppressive nature makes us reflect on the figures represented — men supporting the very same order that oppresses, constrains and imprisons them. As can be gathered even from the title of the installation, we, like modern atlantes, are supporting the prevailing order. Nonetheless, we are still able, instead of grieving for ourselves, to contemplate the possibility of its overturning. (Julio César Abad Vidal. Fragment from Alcorcón Fine Arts Centre Catalogue, 2005)