Throwing it down the drain

Installation, 1994

[blockquote align=»left»]We have put a lot of emphasis on competition, expansion and number, and not enough in co-operation, conservation and quality. We need to swap one set of values for another, or at least find an equilibrium between the two.” —F. Capra[/blockquote]

With his art installation Throwing it down the drain (made up of a series of videos and two metal pipes on a drain grid in which a series of holograms alluding to a sort of money-related imagery, or to economic power in general can be made out), Pepe Buitrago seems to suggest, in a tone that is both ironic and critical, a broader and more serious reflection on the waste, excess and misuse prevalent in our society.


Tirándolo todo por la alcantarilla, derrochando…
Using and disposing / Disposing without using / Throwing away / Wasting / Squandering / Exhausting / Consuming…

In scientific and economic terms land is a whole, so there is not environment that surrounds us but that we are part of that environment. As David Bohm says “make profits is the most important thing now, but if one sees the world as a whole, we will see that profit is as steal to yourself.”

In a nutshell, this suggestion is, as put by the artist himself, designed to “think about the system of relationships that makes the world move and about its misleading spell”.




The main problem




Wasting it…