Where is the way?

Installation, 2009-2010
Hologram 100 x 135 cm and video projection

Pepe Buitrago: Where is the way? 2009-2010

I was told that insanity only exists so that some can call themselves sane.” —Foucault

The country of insanity and that of sanity are two bordering countries with such blurred borders that you can never know for sure whether the territory you find yourself in belongs to one or to the other.” —Arturo Graf

Perhaps ‘insanity’ is that blurred place, different from all things known, always mysterious, that place on the edge of the edge, on which we all tread on from time to time. Won’t it be our cultural baggage that brings us that discomfort?

Where is the way? is a changing work, one in process, based on the video filmed two years ago that now I have transformed into a hologram for this installation.

Julio César Abad Vidal wrote about that video: “Pepe Buitrago’s poetry asserts his stance in the world; one that includes condemning via a fragile art the oppressive mechanics leading to the alienation of the individual. Indeed, an overview of his work reveals a favoured object of representation: human beings. Man in conflict with himself and others, in a discursive strategy conveying a lack of communication, isolation or loss of individuality, of subjectivity, a sentence served in the empire of consumerism – numbing the pain. If Buitrago’s work is a sort of mirror where the viewer is called upon to reflect through sensitivity, in recent years it has developed, among its different topics, a theme leading almost abysmally to a consideration of the avoidable condition of man’s exile from himself.»
(Palacio de la Mosquera. Arenas de San Pedro, Ávila)